Sunday, 20 June 2010

Getting a Grip - Hallelujah for Hairbrushes That Don't Hurt Your Hands

This is more something for those of you with longer locks as anyone else simply won't understand the hand cramping and arm ache that comes with styling, or even just doing a proper blow dry on long hair. Armed with a hairdryer in one hand and a totally un-ergonomic brush in the other, you battle on but by the time your barnet is coiffed to perfection or at least in a passable state, chances are you feel like you've gone a few rounds with Amir Khan (with marginally less sweating).

I've always been a Denman girl until earlier this year when I arrived in NYC sans brush. Within half an hour of leaving JFK I was scouring the aisles of one of my favourite Stateside bargain beauty emporiums, the drugstore chain, Duane Reade, in search of a replacement (and stocking up on all the amazing US-only products like Neutrogena Healthy Defense super protective SPF moisturisers, Sally Hansen nail pens for when you can't get to WAH Nails, Secret deodorant... etc etc). Whilst picking up some of the awesome Neutrogent Professional Triple Moisture range of haircare products (why can't we have this here?? WHY???), I stumbled across some hairbrushes that are almost worthy of the tag 'life changing'.

American brand, Goody, had the bright, and long overdue, idea of introducing comfort, as well as style and function, into the design of their hairdbrushes. What followed was the amazing 'So Gelous' Plasmium Grip gel handles that can be found on their Start Style range of styling tools. These handles are soft and easy to hold without being squishy or slippy; they mould to your fingers as you're using them but spring back into shape again when you let go. They're an absolute joy to use and are incredibly reasonable too with brushes and combs ranging from £5-£10, available in the UK from Boots, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

I heartily recommend these as I can honestly say that, thanks to my Start Style paddle and radial brushes, I no longer dread drying my unruly, bleached, bust-line length hair.

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