Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ice Ice Baby - It's Frappuccino Time!

Starbucks' bottled Frappuccino mixes - coffee, mocha, vanilla, all the classics - have long been available in grocery and drugstores across the US, but - much to the annoyance of the loyal UK Frappuccini - never here. Every trip I take to the States reignites my indignation over why exactly they are allowed these, but we're not. Well, although it's not a patch on the American range, our patience has finally paid off.

Earlier this year Starbucks launched it's Starbucks Discoveries range and, although they're not marketed as official pre-mixed frappuccinos, I'm pleased to report that if you take them home and blitz them up with some ice, they do the same job. They're made from the same 100% Fairtrade and arabica espresso coffee they use in store and I find half a Seattle Latte Discovery plus twice as much ice whacked in a blender makes a great 'coffee' frappuccino at home.

Discoveries are currently available from various supermarkets (and for a lot less than you pay to buy them instore at Starbucks which is weird... my local Sainsburys charges around £1.49 each and I can get two frappuccinos out of one serving) and comes in three flavours: Seattle Latte, Mocha Latte and Qandi Latte which is more caramel-y. And just like getting the a new gym kit when you start a health kick, there are some brilliant * accountrements * for the hardcore homemade frozen coffee fan available in Starbucks stores - from the various flavoured syrups and squeezy caramel to a reusable Frappuccino mug (well it's not quite a mug but I'm not sure what you would call it - pic below - any suggestions??). Brain freeze, here I come!

From top: USA bottled Frappuccinos - we can but dream..., Frappuccino mugs (?) - WANT!, Starbucks Discoveries, available from supermarkets now.

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