Thursday, 1 April 2010

Toy Stor-e: Kid Robot Euro Webshop Launch

As of today, the Kids aren't just in America. Following a successful pop-up in Selfridges' Wonder Room and the 2009 opening of designer toy and apparel emporium Kid Robot's first physical European store in London's Covent Garden, this quirky American brand has finally launched a European etail site. The webstore services most European countries and a few non-European ones too - generally the same randoms whose poor geography means they also pop up in the Eurovision Song Contest - Turkey, Norway, Russia, Ukraine etc. This new localised service means you no longer have to order via the US site so shipping is cheaper, the site is available in European languages, delivery should be faster and, best of all, no customs duty! For anyone unfamiliar with Kid Robot, they are toy stores for grown ups with fun collectible lines in clothing, accessories and homeware as well as art prints and other nick nacks you never knew you needed until you saw them and they were just soooo cute... Serious collectors flock to them for limited and special edition toy releases, with highly sought after Dunnys - Kid Robot's own urban vinyl figures - being the hot picks although they also stock other toys from all over the US, Japan and Europe. Artists like James Hewlett, Futura 2000, Shepard Fairey (pictured) and Mark Hoppus are invited to customise and sign limited releases of Dunny figurines which always sell out the second they drop meaning these highly covetable toys go on to fetch far more than the (generally already fairly spendy) sale price, on eBay. If you want to try your hand at personalising your own figure, try the Munnys which are sold as blank DIY dolls and each come with a pen and 'mystery accessory'; they're not only fun to do but make unique and thoughtful presents for people (as long as you're kind...). The Kid Robot clothing ranges are also produced in limited runs and tend to feature bright, animated prints based on versions of the Kid Robot 'Kid Punk' mascot logo and images of toys like the Dunnys, Labbits and - my favourites - the sinister Japanese Gloomy Bears (killer teddys) and Fat Caps (see below). Their hoodies and tees can be frequently spotted on MTV worn by stars including Jay-Z (pictured), Pharrell Williams, the Simmons family - especially Diggy and Russy on Run's House - and producer Swizz Beatz. In the US various Kid Robot collaborations with labels such as Lacoste and Burton are available although, so far, these have yet to appear on the euro sites. Their shoe, jewellery, art and accessory lines are also currently unavailable but should hopefully be added soon.

Bricks, clicks, toys and kicks - see below for some of the Kid Robot goodies inc. toys and tees available from their physical and online stores across Europe now. /

From top left: NY Kid Robot store, Shepard Fairey (Obey) Dunny, Jay-Z in concert wearing a Kid Robot T, keyrings, Munny zipper pulls, Fat Cap, Gloomy Bear Dunny, plush 24" Yummy Donut cushion, 17" Log stool, Mongers Filter Series mini figures, 3" De La Soul 3 pack and assorted apparel.

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